Monday, May 31, 2004

Happy Memorial Day

Let us never forget the sacrifices of our men and women in arms, both throughout history and today in Iraq and Afghanistan. Doctors fight to save lives, while our men and women in uniform fight to free them, and we here at the RegressiveDecision thus view our soldiers as fulfilling one of the most respectable jobs in society.

To all our soldiers... thank you, and God Bless you.

Update: I couldn't help but notice that those liberal freaks failed to acknowledge that today is Memorial Day. How typical of liberals... they take our soldiers' sacrifice for granted.

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The Kiss of Death?

I hesitate at calling former Vice-President Al Gore's address to NYU a speech:

Would you call it a Dean Scream?

his oration deserves to be recognized for its outstanding nature.

Oh, indeed it does.

After I heard his address, delivered with fiery rhetoric and impassioned calls for America to overcome the recent shames that have beset us,

Fiery rhetoric that called for the liquidation of the American national security leadership. You mean like this?
Shames that beset us? You mean like this?

I was reminded once again how much I wish a recount had actually occurred, and how much I wished Al Gore would have been president.

You mean, had his recount gone like this.

The speech had several highlights, but what I liked best was the religious echoes that the former Vice-President used in his speech, forming a startling contrast with that of President Bush.

Gore is like this and Bush is like this.

This paragraph in particular was rhetoric at its finest:
Dominance is not really a strategic policy or political philosophy at all. It is a seductive illusion that tempts the powerful to satiate their hunger for more power still by striking a Faustian bargain. And as always happens - sooner or later - to those who shake hands with the devil, they find out too late that what they have given up in the bargain is their soul.

Deep. Like the Ocean.

Here, the Vice-President was talking about the trouble with how the Bush Administration approached foreign policy:

That doesn't make much sense. Perhaps he means the trouble the Bush Administration has had with the rest of the world shirking their obligations to defend Civilization.

it is too much based on being able to have complete control over others,

Like Guam. Guam, the linchpin of American neo-imperialism.

too much entrenched in one's own will to care that others might have a different opinion.

It's more like said opinions are farking    insane.

The Bush Administration touted that, if need be, it could handle the War on Iraq alone;

What? And what of Britain, Italy, Poland, South Korea and the nearly 20-30 other nations who are allied with us in Iraq.

now, all of America is paying the price of this Administration's hubris,

See Vietnam for Hubris. See Iraq for revenge.

be it inadequately equipped soldiers being sent into Iraq,

This is the Clinton military you heard so much about.

the growing threat of an al Qaida attack due to the recruiting ground we've created in Iraq,

They're being recruited in Iraq for martyrdom in Kerbala...

or the domestic departments that will suffer huge spending cuts while Bush tries to keep his tax cuts and pay for a massively expensive war.


Some people will discredit what has been written here as Bush-bashing and hysterical shrieks from the left wing.

Weasel word #1. You aren't doing as well as Teddy with this. Perhaps he can teach you nuance.

However, there are several people who agree that the Bush Administration has not done a great job...

Weasel word #2. You would think that Ashcroft would do a better job in sending these people to the Gulag.

and who used to work for Bush. For instance, there is Richard Clarke, who used to be the Administration's top man on terrorism:

Before he was fired for letting the bin Laden's leave after 9/11...

he apologized to the nation for Bush's failures, and his implicit guilt as being part of it.

By letting the bin Laden's leave after 9/11...

Paul O'Neill, formerly Bush's top economic policy advisor,

You mean Secretary of the Treasury. Please don't let facts stand in the way of your story.

also decided that the president was far more interested in politics than policy, more interested in abstract ideas than actual reality.

Bush is interested in abstract ideas? How does that mesh with the "fact" that Bush is an idiot?

The advice that several military personel offered, having been culled from long and decorated careers, was ignored by the Bush team to lower the cost of the Iraq war.

Weasel Word #3.

When asked why, the response of the Administration was that there was no need to take advice from retired generals when they had active officers available.

Do you have a source for this?

However, even those generals, under condition of anonymity, agree that the poorness of Bush's planning was exceptional, exceeded only by his long-term strategy.

Exceeded even more by the lack of any attacks on the US Homeland since 9/11 by his stupidity!

Case in point: after Bush declared in a speech to the nation that Abu Gharib would be razed and a new prison would replace it, the military scrambled about, worried because not only had they not been informed of this, but also because the resources available were limited and probably couldn't be spared.

It wasn't the military, it was the Iraqi Governing Council. Resources can be found to build a new prison, but it's good to see how Karthik stands behind leaving a machine of terror in place. I guess that is entirely consistent with his desire to see Iraqis being tortured in said facility under its "old management."

In the end, Gore's speech captured the essence of the Bush Administration perfectly: self-centered, inattentive, and irresponsible.

No carping here.

A president who allows the Geneva Convention to be trashed,

Capitalize the President, but aside from that, Karthik is right.

who lies to the American people and Congress about the true costs of anything he desires,

No American President has done that...

a man like this should not be in such a position of power.

Thank God he isn't.

How many crimes must he commit before people realize he does not respect the laws we have?

I ask myself that question all the time...

How much abuse must he commit to make people realize he is a bully?

Preach it, brother.

What will it take to make people realize Bush is a bad president?

Perhaps this article?

This speech takes us one step closer.

To the edge.

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Ignorant Fallacies!

The following two conversations took place using AIM.

Sudipta: do me a favor?
Ted: yes?
Sudipta: google "ignorant fallacies"
Ted: awww... is this part of your whole fan site effort?
Sudipta: indeed! congratulations, you've made it to #1 on google!
Ted: that's cute
Sudipta: i prefer "amusing" but you can call it cute if you want

Sudipta: do me a favor?
Karthik: What?
Sudipta: google "ignorant fallacies"
Karthik: Wow
Karthik: That must have taken a lot of time
Karthik: And effort
Sudipta: No, actually. But congratulations, you've made it to #1 on google!
Karthik: Cool
Karthik: Free advertising
Karthik: Thanks
Sudipta: Indeed, free advertising for those on the lookout for ignorant fallacies

Sunday, May 23, 2004

And of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

More about the Church

Some might suggest that the reason Democrats are being cracked down upon is that they are the most pro-choice party,

Yes, in a two party system if the Republicans disapprove of killing babies, the Democrats would logically stand to be in favor of killing babies. Please, continue.

Notice the use of the weasel word "some." This could be any number from 1 to, oh, I don't know, the 62 million Catholics in this country. Count the weasel words where you spot them.

regardless of the feelings of individual members of either party.

That there are virtually no pro-life Democrats left standing, that they are sidelined from positions of leadership would allow people to draw their own conclusions about "feelings" of individuals. Funny how he's using the example of a few to justify that the Democrats stand for the murder of infants.

However, I'd like to point out a couple of other issues the Catholic Church has equally strong feelings on,

Please, continue, apostate.

where they agree with the Democrats much more than the Republicans, and no Church officials are pointing this out. The death penalty is the best example, and the war on Iraq is a weaker, but still relevant, one.

Actually, both are incorrect. On the Death Penalty, the Church says:
Preserving the common good of society requires rendering the aggressor unable to inflict harm. For this reason, the traditional teaching of the Church has acknowledged as well-founded the right and duty of legitimate public authority to punish malefactors by means of penalties commensurate with the gravity of the crime, not excluding, in cases of extreme gravity, the death penalty.
If bloodless means are sufficient to defend human lives against an aggressor and to protect public order and the safety of persons, public authority should limit itself to such means.
Catechism 2266-67   

And on Iraq, the Pope did not sit ex cathedra, or in his Chair (for laymen) when opposing the Iraq War. It's OK, though, because you do not (a) believe in God or (b) understand the Catholic faith. Nevertheless, your efforts to seem like you do understand are, I am sure, very humiliating and embarassing -- that is, if you had any scruples to try and presume some degree of sympathy towards those who have religious beliefs.

Also, some people

#2 for those people counting.

would suggest that any but the most liberal religion


and liberal political beliefs are, by nature, incompatible.

Who would argue this? Seriously, are there any theological scholars that you cite or are you just pulling this strawman from your arse?

Au contraire.

How haughty of you. Couldn't you have used Latin (which you are fluent in) to make your point?

Most religions,


including Catholicism, accept and endorse free will doctrine,

Endorsement of liberty is not the same as support of license. You should know the difference.

and also have no intention of trying to damage separation of church and state in America.

Remember: If it's a conspiracy, you know it's a Vast Right Wing one.

Just because you

The leadership of 62 million Catholics in America, who, apparently, are also the Party of Cheaters...

disapprove of abortion morally and religiously

False dichotomy to assuage him -- he doesn't believe in a God, but as you can see from his unstinting support of baby murders, he is a moral man!

does not mean you need to feel conflicted if you also believe it should be legal.

Doesn't that sound like a psychologist would say it? What did Freud say about religion and delusion? Are you trying to hint at something, Comrade Teddy?

The Catholic Church is trying to force a choice where none is needed,

This comes from the Vicar of Rome himself! He has spoken from the Chair -- there is no need for debate or discourse in society, especially over the matter of killing babies. It has been decided!

and, if they continue, some people will surely choose to leave the Church. It's already started.
#4, concurrently this is a free society - much to the consternation of Teddy. He can leave the Church. I hope he can reconcile such a decision with God. Teddy does not need to worry about that because he believes that God does not exist and such moral standards as believing in a God are capricious and arbitrary.

Also, I want to clarify my feelings about the Church in general.

Why? Your flipflop was perfectly clear. You were for the Church before you were against it.

They do some ill,

So does vaccines and electricity. Watch the hands. Oh, and that's weasel word #5.

they do a lot of good.

Thank you for your opinion, apostate.

I wouldn't be terribly upset if they lost most of their power,

What would upset you?

but it's not something I'm actively wishing for,

See his previous post for his active wishing. This is his second flipflop.

and I wouldn't be especially pleased, either.

"But really, I'm worried for the Church. Well, no, I'm not, because I wouldn't care much if they were nearly completely destroyed..."

What more does he really need to say?

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

In the name of the Father...

The Catholic Church

Finally, some Democrats show some courage on this issue.

By courage, he means defiance of Canon Law. It's OK, though, he is a nonbeliever. Ignorant of the Catholic tradition, he will now astound us with the knowledge of the Vicar of Rome!

It's ridiculous that the Church is getting into politics,

It's ridiculous that anyone who believes in God votes.

and ridiculous that they're trying to hurt Democrats but not Republicans.

Generally, Republicans aren't pro-killing babies. I could be wrong, but I think even John McCain doesn't want to kill babies. Something about believing in a God...

A number of other blogs

An integer...

have commented on the fact that every pro-choice politician who had his Catholicism questioned was a Democrat,

Historically, the Catholic vote has been pro-Democrat. Are you flaunting your ignorance or are you utterly unable to learn from what Ms. McMillen said?

while people like Pataki and Giuliani got away scot-free.

Republicans: Objectively anti-baby murder.

I'm not sure why the Church has taken this swing to the right,

This sudden lurch...starting with Pope John Paul II's election to the Papacy. It's OK, as a nonbeliever I doubt you understand anything relating to the Church.

although I know they would gain in some ways from Bush's reelection (see: School vouchers).

If it's a Conspiracy, you know it's a Vast Right Wing one.

It's ridiculous for the Church to expect legislators to vote based on religious values.

It is ridiculous for Catholics to be Catholic. Don't they know that we should try to judge the original intent of Christ and revise what was written to fit modern times?

Have they forgotten about the separation of Church and State, or are they merely trying to break it?

Give onto Caesar what is Caesar's, but give to God...well, nothing. Infidel.

But really, I'm worried for the Church.

He's very concerned. Can't you tell?

Well, no, I'm not,

Well, that was a flipflop.

because I wouldn't care much if they were nearly completely destroyed

Focus on the destruction part. The world's largest religion must fall for the Democrats to be happy. Remember that on Election Day, all 62 million Catholics in America. Vote!

from within because of this,

Whatever it takes for someone like you, no?

but I think they are putting themselves in danger.

Thank you, non-believer. When Jesus started out with a handful of men and State Persecution, were you echoing the same predictions of dire straits?

There may come a point when legislators, and voters, feel they have to make a choice between their political beliefs and their Catholicism,

Insert any religion there. Or any individual belief. Why not put "freedom" there, because that is what you are arguing...that their religious freedom is posing a threat to your extremist agenda.

and I suspect most will choose the former.

We know how accurate your predictions are.

After all, there are plenty of other churches that cater to ex-Catholics, but no other political parties for "Catholic Democrats".

Welcome to the Republican Party.

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As FDR's wheelchair spins...

Medicare Mistakes


How much lying does the administration plan to do just on this one bill?

Alot. Care to stop us?

And why is it so gung-ho about it in the first place?

Ask Paul Krugman.

It's ineffective and inefficient, it's a major waste of money, the only people it's good for is the insurance companies! Oh, wait... I guess that's why.

Why did I include the last link? Because if you can buy a car, you should be able to buy a legislator.

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Green Pea Soup


This is disgusting.

John McCain, who, despite the fact that I disagree with him on many issues,
Like, oh, I don't know, being pro-American...
I think is a good and honorable man,
Compare with Dan Schaer, who believes he is a cheater.

asks why, since we're at war, the country isn't being asked to sacrifice a little.

We can chew gum and walk at the same time. It's not like another President hasn't cut taxes and waged war on other countries with flimsy pretexts.

It's a very valid question: our soldiers are sacrificing, can't we wait a couple of years for a big tax cut to make sure they have everything they need, rather than running up an enormous deficit?

Just, out of curiosity, when has a Democratic candidate ever cared about the American military?

Never before has a war been accompanied by tax cuts, especially not tax cuts coupled with domestic spending increases.

Except, you know, for this guy...who, you know, won the Cold War.

Hastert, of course, cannot accept anything that wasn't in a White House press release,

Ah, your doppleganger! You can not accept anything that wasn't in a New York Times Editorial page!

and first questions McCain's allegiance to the party,

You mean...politicians bicker?

then tries to lecture him on sacrifice.

I don't know, it's alot like you lecturing about sacrifice.

First of all, there are very few men who have any right to even begin lecturing McCain on sacrifice.

Stifle the dissent!

Hastert certainly has no right.

He is the Speaker of the House. You're a punk. I see no difference.

Although I'm sure his bad shoulder excuse was perfectly legitimate (well, no, I'm not sure, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now)

And his knee problem. How generous of you to ask how the Speaker of the House defended his country when you hate yours.

he did not serve for the country at all,

No, Sir, he did not:

he served in the Illinois House of Representatives for six years before being selected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1986. In 1999, Hastert's colleagues honored him by selecting him Speaker of the House, the third highest government official in the U.S.

while McCain both fought and suffered in a Vietnamese POW camp.

While you're at it, I heard John Kerry fought in Vietnam...

Secondly, Hastert shows, in his response, almost Bush-like question-dodging skills:

But I thought Bush was an idiot. Didn't you get the memo?

he responds to a question about why the country doesn't have to sacrifice with a speech about how soldiers are sacrificing. Well... yeah, that's really the point of what McCain is saying. The soldiers are sacrificing; why can't those who don't serve sacrifice a little, too?

uhh...You are the arbiter of who is to sacrifice? That's a very interesting definition; I thought Rumsfeld abolished the power for the State to make people sacrifice their lives...

Oh, and who wants the Draft back? Democrats. Better get to Canada soon, idiot.

Maybe Hastert's worried he'd have to sacrifice a little, and no one wants that.

Not even a snide statist like yourself.

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The Rumors of Death have been greatly exaggerated

As I was preparing another ... treat for Coalition Soldiers in Iraq, I noticed that our good friends the p-idealists were back to promoting Heaven on Earth.

Much to my consternation, I went back to the D(PRK)-Bunker and saw a handful of posts - a true exercise in futility. Let's start from the beginning...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that electronic voting machines without a paper trail are extremely vulnerable to voter fraud...

Like, say, oh, I don't know, ATM Machines. You know, where the banks keep paper trails of the transactions. Oh wait, they don't? And you're telling me fraud is what?...715 complaints in an entire FY for 260 million people?

I guess those 715 complaints are like the, oh, I don't know, few thousand Florida voters turned out of voting by precalling the State of Florida in Al Gore's column...

Well, apparently it does.
Apparently you were happy with the Florida kerfuffle.

My congressman, Rush Holt, a retired physicist,

Non-sequitur. After all, where the Rockets come down is not his department...
has put fourth HR2239, requiring all electronic voting machines to provide an accountable paper trail. Someone tell me, why has only seven Republicans sponsored this bill???

Because, oh, I don't know, Section 102.b.1. is a subsidy to the companies that will provide new vote counting machines in the amount of 650 million dollars. You are, therefore, trying to bribe the companies who will count the votes by promising them a monopoly on vote-counting solutions. I'm sure you actually read HR2239 (A Resolution?) before you shot off your mouth....

Also there's the part about making the vote-counting software open source. That obviously protects the company's investment (see Section 104.c.i).

this will help...and this...
and this.

If the kind gentleman could point me to a hacker-proof system, I would be amazed. Seeing as how he has no knowledge of computer security, I will defer to Gene Spafford who said: "

The only system which is truly secure is one which is switched off and unplugged, locked in a titanium lined safe, buried in a concrete bunker, and is surrounded by nerve gas and very highly paid armed guards. Even then, I wouldn't stake my life on it."

I applaud the 133 Democrats who support this bill.

Doctrinally speaking, when do you not applaud for the Democrats? You have more consistency with your Party than Soviet apparatchniks had for their Communist Party. I guess you don't mind seeing as your talking points are stolen shamelessly and without citation from the New York Times.

These are the Republicans who support this bill, and I applaud them for breaking with their party of cheaters:

Cheaters! The whole lot of you! 50% of Americans...all of you are cheaters! SHAME!

Charles Bass, NH; Tom Cole, OK; Thomas Davis, VA; Darrel Issa, CA; Thomas Petri, WI; Christopher Shays, CT; Joe Wilson, SC

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

DeathWatch Round II

Air America has shut its sales offices in Los Angeles and Chicago and is recasting its business plan, the network's president said on Wednesday as troubles beset the liberal talk show network.
With Air America not broadcasting in those two cities after a financial dispute in April, network president Jon Sinton said, "There's not much sense in having sales offices in cities where you don't control a station."

About 15 to 20 people were laid off in the closing of the sales offices, the latest sign of problems for Air America, launched on March 31 as a liberal alternative to the country's predominantly conservative talk show culture led by right-wing icons like Rush Limbaugh.

Since it started, Chairman Evan Cohen, Vice Chairman Rex Sorensen and Head of Programing David Logan have left while co-founder Mark Walsh has stepped down as chief executive to take a smaller role in the organization.

Sinton said Air America was in "high-level affiliate discussions in Chicago and Los Angeles" and other cities.

Hat Tip: PejmanPundit

Update: Yes, we are still DeathWatching our friends at A post later defending Adam Gonzalez from an attack which can be distilled in the phrase: "ultra-maroon."

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A good man now dead

He had supported the war and wanted to help rebuild Iraq, said his father, Michael, a retired schoolteacher, who was opposed to the invasion. "He's a helping guy," Mr Berg Snr told reporters: "He looked at it as bringing democracy to a country that didn't have it."

This is why we are fighting!

Nick Berg liked to play the saxophone. When he was at high school he was a member of the marching band and neighbours would hear him practising in the evenings at his parents' house, the music seeping out through the walls. Mr Berg was beheaded in Iraq by extremists apparently closely linked to the senior al-Qa'ida operative Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who took him hostage and then made a video of his execution which they posted on to an internet website. In a statement they read out before sawing off Mr Berg's head with a knife, the five masked men claimed they were killing the self-employed telecommunications engineer in revenge for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US troops at Abu Ghraib prison. Democrats think we should not be fightinig this war over in the middle east and that we should deal with terrorism in our home country. Well if we dont stop these people who will, because clearly they have no respect for human lives. This has been taken from

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A little something about democrats

I have come to realize this, democrats, they drink a lot. Look at the the people in progressive decision. I won't say names so i don't do as ben did in one of his posts, but three out of the four drink a lot if there is alcohol around, and one of them drinks once in a while. Maybe thats why they make irrational decisions. (Sudipta that irrational thing relates to you, you know what I mean)

This is the Colonel Speaking

As you all know, I am Colonel, the one and only. I have currently joined the crew at Regressive Decision, while we rival and conquer that website full of ignorant fallacies. HAHA think right or die tryin!

Death Watch

Has ProgressiveDecision claimed its 72 raisins? Posts and comments have not been made in the past two days. One can only hope that, like their mentor Usama bin Laden, they will return to the process of sending cryptic rehashes of Alan Colmes to al-Jazeera.

The Death Watch begins.

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Comments back up and running

I finally managed to set up the improved comments feature on this site. All old comments have been imported accurately into the new feature, except that the timestamp is incorrect (and cannot be fixed) for the old comments.

Once again, as I mentioned when I first set up the comments capability, if anyone has any comments or suggestions for improving this site, please feel free to use the comments to let us know! Thanks.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Party for Freedom!

I am planning a two-week-long party at the Jersey Shore this Summer! For the first two weeks in August, we will be enjoying all of the lovely freedoms we have as Americans, the freedoms that certain people spouting certain would like to take away in the hope of helping some lazy piece of shit on welfare. We do not need to have any speakers to let people know about how wonderful conservatism is. Just think about the fact that no communist, socialist, or otherwise overcontrolled society could ever enjoy what we do.

Party is free, just bring your own booze and friends... earn your good time unlike a sniveling little liberal!

-Dr. Gonzo

Posted by Adam Gonzalez at 8:00 PM |


well, there's just one thing I need to say on this. the RIAA FUCKING SUCKS. what a buncha motherfuckers warping the songs on kazaa... they can fucking suck cock.

oh also, sucks.

Monday, May 10, 2004

I'll take ignorant buffonery for 20, Alex.

Comments italicized.

Anonymous said...
"A man asked me in Kentucky the other night what is the most fundamental reason he should vote for President Bush and I said, because your freedom depends on it.

(See US Patriot Act) (See Partial Birth Abortion Ban) (See Proposed Constitutional ban of Homosexual marriage)

"I truly believe we are living in an historic time and are involved in a war between civilization and chaos."

When's Jesus gonna show up?

Now, is the poster arguing that Jesus will stop the chaos...or is the poster arguing that only Jesus can save the world from this clash of "civilizations." I'd argue that this is general buffonery and anyone can see the difference between the Taliban and Parliamentary Democracy.

"Our next President must be committed to pursuing policies to win this war and defeat the forces of terror."

Forces of terror, like the Abu Ghraib prison?

I'm noticing a slight fixation, but he has a point. We must stop our support for the forces of terror

"Pardon me for seeing things in black and white, but this War on Terror is a war between good and evil, between freedom and oppression, between "civilization and chaos."

Pardon me for looking at pictures of Dogs attacking a naked Iraqi.
Your excused.
Is that right? Just because their civilization is backwards doesnt mean we need to be just as evil.
See Jackson, Andrew: Trail of Tears.
See Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Firebombing of Dresden, turning back Jews from US waters.
See Truman, Harry S.: Nuclear Attacks on Hiroshima, Nagasaki
See Kennedy, John F.: Bay of Pigs   
See Johnson, Lyndon Bates: Firebombing of Vietnam.
See Carter, Jimmy: Mayaguez Incident
See Clinton, William Jefferson: Bombing of al-Shifa Aspirin Manufacturing Plant

Did I get everyone? Good.
"President Bush has and will continue to wage this war the right way,"

More photos and videos to come... Sounds like bin Laden...

"whereas Kerry (like Clinton before him in Mogadishu) will wimp out and give the terrorists our head on a silver platter."

I think Clinton gave his head to monica lewinsky.

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Comments temporarily shut down

Unfortunately, we will have to move to a new system for hosting comments shortly. Meanwhile, commenting capabilities have been shut down temporarily. Please excuse any inconveniences this may cause.

Update: A few interesting comments had been posted during the short time that comments were available. As such, I have shut off the posting of new comments (but have allowed old comments to be read) until we move to our new system for commenting. Again, please pardon the inconvenience.

Posted by calimacala at 5:22 PM |

The question at hand is ...?

The question at hand is not whether to fisk or not, but whether or not we should demoralize our opponents or just invalidate there opinions. Although I will fisk, and I do gain pleasure from doing so, my main purpose of this blog are in two related fields, Normalative Politics and International Relations. As such I will be adding to this blog in dimensions that the others will not.

All hail President Scrooge

Posted by Wherefuncomestodie at 9:29 AM |

Gooood Morning Falluja!

Gooood morning! This is your pilot, Sudipta. We are awaiting one more introduction... and then, the fisking of bleeding-heart liberals shall begin! Sit back in your seats, keep your tray tables up, and enjoy the ride!

But meanwhile, be sure to read Mahmoud, the Weasel's introduction in order to understand why we call our website the "Regressive Decision" (besides it being a direct jab at that website full of ignorant fallacies.)

Posted by calimacala at 9:03 AM |

Religious Right

Romans 8:31: "What then shall we say about these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?"

Compare and Contrast

(a) It is actually one of the Commandments as we know: 'Love your neighbor.'"

(b) "Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

A is John Kerry speaking before a group of Jews. B is President Bush speaking before the American people. Which one do you believe has faith at their center?

Posted by Mahmoud the Weasel at 12:44 AM |

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Why reelect Bush?

As I wrote earlier today in my separate, personal blog, Karen Hughes put in plainly:

"A man asked me in Kentucky the other night what is the most fundamental reason he should vote for President Bush and I said, because your freedom depends on it. I truly believe we are living in an historic time and are involved in a war between civilization and chaos. Our next President must be committed to pursuing policies to win this war and defeat the forces of terror."

Pardon me for seeing things in black and white, but this War on Terror is a war between good and evil, between freedom and oppression, between "civilization and chaos." President Bush has and will continue to wage this war the right way, whereas Kerry (like Clinton before him in Mogadishu) will wimp out and give the terrorists our head on a silver platter.

Added commenting capability

I have just added commenting capability to the website. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for improving this site, please feel free to use the comments capability!


Did Guh say he was jerking other articles?

Posted by Mahmoud the Weasel at 11:30 PM |

Mahmoud, the Weasel

Good evening, Zionists and Crusaders. I am Mahmoud, the Weasel. Many have asked me why I joined Regressive Decision I do this because I am easily amused. The hypocrisy or inconsistency of the left is ghastly and offensive to the True Believers (TM) and make no mistake, the forces of Allah look forward to smiting infidels of both political persuasions!

Thus, it is important to soundly thwack the liberals in the Great Satan (America for those of you playing at home) until there are two types of political parties - the Right Party and the Far Right Party. That way we are fair and balanced.

Some may also ask: "Why are you the Regressive Decision? Isn't regression bad?" And, well, no, it's not. Indeed, many of us here believe that the years 1832-1867 are as good as it gets for liberal democracy -- 1867 marked the passing of Reform Bill No. 2 in the United Kingdom. After that it has been a downwards slide, politically speaking, for the forces of freedom. This, obviously, is unacceptable. We must thank those at that other blog for highlighting the noxious short sighted anti-American, neo-Kantian, anti-Capitalist views which show opposition to maintaining a sound national defense.Too many people have grown complacent and assume the left is *pro-American*...this is obviously not the case, nor has it been for the past 50 years.

A few illustrations of the left's opinions will conclusively prove that they are beyond the mainstream in American discourse and we at RegressiveDecision hope to prove that to you.

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Intro to Reevy

  1. My name is Reevy. Some know me as Guh.
  2. My real name will never be used on this blog.
  3. My mission statement:
    1. Blogging: i.e. Writing stuff that you would like other people to know about.
      First Derivative of Thought Process
    2. Fisking: i.e. Brutally ripping apart others' blogs.
      Second Derivative of Thought Process
    3. Double Fisking: i.e. Brutally ripping apart others' fiskings
      Third Derivative of Thought Process
      Or the JERK of the thought Process


In addition I will be supplimenting Dr. Gonzo's automotive material. My point here will be simple. I hate American cars as well as any car that serves its menial life better as a bumper car

Reevy, signing off.

Make Way for the King

Hello out there! I'm Dr. Gonzo and I'll be here to make you hate yourself if you support any of the following: herbivorism, japanese "performance" cars, caring about genetically inferior people (no, I am not referring to race), and any form of "lock box".

Let me clarify why those things are evil:
Herbivorism - There are two main reasons why people do not eat meat: conscience and health. Religious vegetarians are not herbivores, they are religious, and I have no gripe with them. Health nuts who claim that meat is unhealthy, though, should be pushed back into satan's asshole (the place from whence they have spawned). You can put me into a pit with any vegetarian, and I guaran-damn-tee that I can kick the shit out of them... then I'll eat their remains. And for treehuggers who don't want to see animals die? The Least Harm Principle says that humans should eat beef, lamb, and dairy. Not a vegan diet. That's right: not only do you kill more animals, but you are a hippie as well.

Japanese "Performance" Cars - For the price range, I guarantee that I can find you an american car that can whoop your "performance" car. Got a WRX or RSX? I've got a Mustang GT that'll slay you. Got an NSX? Wow, I know of a pickup truck (Dodge Ram SRT-10) that costs half as much as your car, goes much faster, and can haul a stack of drywall while doing it! Got a Civic? You drive an economy piece of shit, although the Chevy Cavalier will still whoop you...

Genetically Inferior People - First of all, I am not referring to race. As a matter of fact, many people who are hispanic like me fit into this category. I, however, am not a worthless piece of shit. If you can't afford to feed yourself: please die and rid us of your genes. I for one do not want to work my ass off day and night to pay for you to sit on your lazy ass and eat cheetos while watching TV. Some treehuggers say "well... what about if you were born into this situation?" Sounds to me like you have genetics from TWO mouth-breathers! Please, die before you can impregnate someone!

"Lock Box" - This is my shot at democrats: Bush was the right choice in 2000, and he will be right in 2004. If we had elected Gore, he'd be so busy talking of his lockbox that he wouldn't notice that Saddam Hussein is stealing the aforementioned box from behind him! John Kerry may be a hero, but so was Osama Bin Laden when he was working for the CIA. Maybe if he could make a damn decision on any issue at all I could see him and not laugh, but that will never happen so it is pointless.

Wow, Sudipta told me to write an intro... I sure hope you now have som idea of what I am like.

-Dr. Gonzo

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The Regressive Decision

Yes, welcome to the blog. I'm Sam, and I, along with Sudipta and Brian will be one of the main writers of, our page. Direct any complaints about our blog to myself, Sudipta, or Brian.

By the way, sucks. :)

The O'Conservative Factor

Welcome! One and All! Conservative and Liberal! Republican and Democrat! (Well, maybe not Democrat). I will be one of your many pilots for all fisking here on the site of the new wave of Conservative Waving. Here, I will be spreading conservative propaganda and my views on current issues. Our target website:

Hope you enjoy the ride!

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