Saturday, July 31, 2004

What a lovely letter...

What a lovely letter... let us fisk it!

The RNC is happening in 33 days,
Wow, you can actually count that far?
and I've talked to a lot of you about going down to NYC,
9/11 happened there, did you forget? You remember the 2000 election quite well, but do you remember 9/11?
joining the protests,
Did you run out and protest Al Qaeda when they slammed planes into our office buildings and vaporized 3000 people?
making or voices heard,
Are you capable of proofreading?
and basically stirring shit up.
Please wash your hands afterwards.
The Bush administration seems
Seems? You're insinuating because you have no solid facts. You've got no choice but to use weasel words like "seems."
to be actively hostile towards democracy,
Yeah, that's why he brought democracy to 50 million people on the other side of the planet -- or do those 50 million people mean nothing to you?
towards our basic freedoms,
Yes, of course, he's trampling over our basic freedoms. That's why we're now living in a police state, right?
and toward what America has meant since it was founded.
Whereas the flip-flopper John F. Kerry and the rich trial lawyer John Edwards perfectly embody the American tradition....
They walked all over our votes in 2000,
Yes, the vast right-wing conspiracy fixed the national elections... go on thinking that.
they disregarded and dismantled 4th amendment protections,
You're referring to PATRIOT, right? Notice how many terrorist attacks we've had on American soil since PATRIOT... that's right: none.
they've failed us on national security,
Yup, that's why we're having terrorist attacks on American soil, day after day...
and now they're talking of possibly postponing our elections?!?!?
No, actually, you're the one who's talking about that.
I'm fucking sick of it,
You took the words right outta my mouth.
and I'm fucking sick of them thinking they can silence America's conscience
The only people who are being silenced are terrorists. If you think America's conscience is the same thing as Al Qaeda, well then I guess you're right.
with bullshit like "free speech" zones and empty terrorist warnings.
Empty terrorist warnings? You've actually got access to our nation's top-secret intelligence reports on a daily basis? No you don't. You're pulling that clever turn of phrase, "empty terrorist warnings," out of your ass.
I want my fucking country back
Dude, where's my country?
before I don't have one,
You could always move to Canada... or France....
and protesting, while not direct action,
So what is direct action? Joining the Taliban?
will let everyone else in America know how we feel,
Did you ever get that feeling that no one cares? That you're nothing more than the whispering winds of irrelevancy?
and make them ask themselves how they feel.
Inflation is low, unemployment is low, the economy is good, the nation and the world is much safer than it was on 9/10/01... I don't know about you, but I feel pretty damn good.
So, if you've gotten this far in my email, you're probably not a Bush supporter.
You know what they say: when you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME. Except in this case, you're the jackass, I'm the elephant.
You probably want him to hear America stand up against him, and to get him out of office as much as I do.
See: French Revolution, 1789, guillotine, beheadings.
And you probably want to come down to NYC to protest against what he has done in our names as much as I do.
Mmmh hmmm... sure... we're all as psycho as you.
Email me back if you want in.
Sure you're ready to handle the unexpected deluge of emails?
The RNC takes place August 29-September 2.
Same time as the Yale freshmen orientation and the first two days of classes. We've got our priorities straight, haven't we?
You won't be missing classes, but you will be back in New Haven.
Just like those "missing" WMD....
I want to get as many people down to New York as possible,
Swing by Ground Zero while you're in NY and inhale the air there. It contains the vaporized bodies of 3000 people killed due to your failed policies of national security.
and I'm going to try to coordinate events, housing, travel, etc.
Try. We'll be right here, cheering you on.
I'd really appreciate anyone willing to help with this, anyone who has a car, or a place to stay, or any suggestions or ideas.
People like you have ideas besides new ways of bashing Bush? Who'd've thunk it?
Again, let me know if you want in. Hope your summer's going well. For all you out on the campaign trail, keep up the good work.

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