Friday, July 23, 2004

The Democrats are dead -- long live the Republicans!

Mahmoud, the Weasel requested that I post the following on his behalf, as he's away for a couple of days:

On the eve of the Democratic convention, Matt Bai delivers a Sunday New York Times Magazine must-read on the demise of the Democratic party and those wealthy individuals looking far beyond November investing in the future of the party.

Bai explores the electoral trends for the Democrats in recent decades and declares the party all but dead.

Here's a sneak preview of what will be tucked inside your Sunday New York Times: "As the old union bosses and factional leaders who dominated the Democratic Party in the 20th century file into the FleetCenter this week, waving signs and hooting for their heroes, be sure to take a long, last look. The Democratic Party of the machine age, so long dominant in American politics, could be holding its own Irish wake near Boston's North End. The power is already shifting -- not just within the party, but away from it altogether."

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