Thursday, November 25, 2004

Blasphemy for Fun and profit

The contention:
"I just wanted to say that the biggest reason I love George Bush is because of his faith. Mainly that he belives in and prays to the same God that I belive in and pray to. And George W.'s faith permeates into his politics, making him a man of integrity, compassion and courage. He is a good man. which why so many people hate him, because he is a good man. well I guess I shouldn't say "so many " people, because obviously there are plenty of people in this country who don't hate him. and for that I am so thankful."

The riposte:
Of all the reasons to vote for someone... oh my fucking god (every pun intended).
I see why Kerry lost the God-fearing vote...
Nevermind the idea that civil liberties are at stake
Aren't they? Aren't they?
by a nut job
Preach it, sister.
who thinks he speaks to god...
Thinking he speaks to God is not the problem - thinking God speaks back is the problem!
compassion froma man who started a war for no reason
No reason at all

You selfish bitch.

and continues to battle for no reason,
None at all.
courage from a man who hid behind his family's wealth and power to avoid combat,

and integrity from a man who is hated by so many countries and his own people.
Hated by his own people. Why, he didn't even have a mandate...

We are a country divide because of idiots
who follow a man because they ASSUME he prays every night.
Like, who does that?
People don't hate George Bush because he is a good man,
No - of course not.
they hate him because he is dangerous for this country...
Because, really, who knows what danger in terms of national security is more than a heroin whore?
good or bad has nothing to do with it.
No, because we're beyond morality.
But a man who believes he is truly divine
Unsubstantiated allegation.
and will go to heaven
Shouldn't we all?
has no stake in this world and those he rules.... and surrounded by yes men....
Like Clarke. Or O'Neill.......
well, we'll just have to raise a war on our own soil against the fools and hypocrites.
Go right ahead, with your Blue Army...

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