Monday, July 12, 2004

Your moment of Zen

In re: Edwards' experience, Kerry said this: "Does [Edwards] have as much experience as me? No. But I am running for president; he's running for vice president."

On gay marriage — is this an answer or not? "'Let's be very firm about it. Both John and I believe firmly and absolutely that marriage is between a man and a woman,' Kerry said. 'But we also believe that you don't play with the Constitution of the United States for political purposes and amend the Bill of Rights when you don't need to when states are adequately addressing this issue.'"

"Kerry, who recently said he agrees with the Roman Catholic Church that life begins at conception, said he disagrees with his church's teaching that homosexuality is a sin. Edwards twice did not respond when asked if he, too, believes life begins at conception."

Hat tip: ABCNews the Note.

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