Sunday, July 11, 2004

So how was dinner, Ms. Lincoln?

July 11, 2004
A dinner...
Our regressive friend wrote three days ago:

Well, we got an invitation to the white house for one of Bush's dinners. Not sure if I'm allowed to go to it but hopefully I can. Just had to make you guys jealous. :)

Posted by Kansas

Well, I was invited to the same dinner,

Will wonders never cease?

probably a mass invite,

Precisely the Republican strategy - invite absolutely everyone, create a massive logistics nightmare and then with the inexorable cancellations, run over-budget! Brilliant, Holmes, how do you do it?

to find tax-avoiding richies

You mean like Edwards (estimated worth 40 million dollars) or John Kerry (estimated worth 600 million dollars)? Hypocrite.

from Kansas

A solid Republican state.

who would donate the max 2,000 for a 300,000 tax-break at our expense.

Our expense who? What tax bracket are you in, Dan? You're amongst the wealthiest of the wealthy, you should watch what you say ... or at least, back it up by giving away your rich tax cuts.

Well they got me, the tax loving richie, who wrote back, scribbled on their reply card (and why shouldn't I, if they're willing to pay the buiseness reply) , "YOU CAN EAT MY FAT ASS FOR DESSERT, JOHN KERRY '04, BITCHES",

Wow, that's real political discourse there...dear God, do you think before things spew from your ass or are you mindlessly following al-Franken's line?

Just to make you jealous. :(

Of clinical dementia.

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Awsome!! I might go just so I could get close to Bush and moon him with Kerry 04 written on my ass
And when the Secret Service shoots you...
Posted by Ben (Website) at July 11, 2004 11:11 AM
nah, don't do that, you'd waste 2000 big ones. (but there would be immense satisfaction...)
It's OK, just ask Clinton Pollster Dick Morris about immense satisfaction and 2000 big ones...
Posted by Dan (Website) at July 11, 2004 12:40 PM

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