Saturday, June 26, 2004

Does this make any sense?

Poll finds Bush, Kerry race still close
Wisconsin voters remain in favor of president
Posted: June 24, 2004
Wisconsin voters have had a lot to absorb since the Bush-Kerry race began in earnest in March: millions of dollars in TV ads, high-profile campaign visits, the Iraq prison scandal, improving job numbers, Ronald Reagan's death, the early findings of the Sept. 11 commission.

But the net effect of it all has been in many ways negligible, a statewide Badger Poll suggests.

In key respects, the race is almost exactly where it was three months ago.

In a Badger Poll done March 23-31, 46% of Wisconsin adults thought President Bush was doing a good or excellent job.

Today it's 47%.

Back then, 45% said they would like to see Bush re-elected.

Today it's 43%.

Back then, 52% had a favorable impression of Bush, 41% unfavorable.

Today it's 52% favorable, 42% unfavorable.

Back then, 37% had a favorable impression of John Kerry, 34% unfavorable.

Today it's 36% favorable, 36% unfavorable.

Back then, in a three-way matchup, Bush had a small lead over Kerry - 47% to 41% - with independent Ralph Nader at 5%.

The new poll, of 504 voting-age adults surveyed June 15-23, is almost identical: Bush 46%, Kerry 42%, Nader 5%. That lead is within the margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Even the share of undecided voters is virtually unchanged, despite the fact

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