Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Do your part to win one for the Gipper!

WorldNetDaily reports that the Heritage Foundation's has started a new fad by urging readers to "Shine your headlights to commemorate [Ronald] Reagan's 'shining city.' "

WND elaborates: " 'Ronald Reagan always talked about his beloved "shining city on a hill," ' said Bob Just, a veteran talk-show host, WorldNetDaily columnist and self-proclaimed 'Reagan Democrat.' 'So, let's shine our headlights from now until Independence Day. Let's give Ronald Reagan one more July 4th with the people who love him.' "

It's definitely catching on. " 'There was an instant response in Las Vegas when WorldNetDaily posted the original article,' said WND's Executive News Editor Joe Kovacs, who observed up to 40 percent of drivers illuminating their headlights in daylight hours."

That's nothing. We were out last night in New York City--hardly a Republican stronghold--and nearly 100% of the vehicles we saw had their headlights on. Even taxis and municipal buses! Not only do people love Ronald Reagan, they also support the war in Iraq. It's enough to make any patriotic American's heart swell with pride.

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