Thursday, June 10, 2004


A troll posted at RegressiveDecision. I thought it was worth extracting in full because this is representative of the utter lack of compassion on the Left today.

I'm sorry but I do not agree that this is a somber moment for America.

This is in regards to an American dying. Now, if it was the Peanut Farmer....

I sympathize with the family as I would over anyone's passing, but in I am changing my tone and direction because I want to piss on his grave,

I feel you are falling for the media and Republican hype

What liberal media?

portraying Ronnie as one of your great presidents.

Now now, just of the 20th century. And second to Lincoln when including the 19th century.

I suggest you read the op ed piece by Paul Krugman in the June 8, 2004 New York Times

My surprise meter reads empty.

which debunks the myths that he was our most popular presiden,

No, Presidents have a way of becoming more popular after they die. Case in point, the nuclear warmonger JFK...

had the best economic record, etc.

Surprising ignorance from the left. His economic record is average - it just looks better in comparison to the Peanut Farmer.

Let's not forget kethcup as a vegetable

Or Ketchup as a noun.

( I know you are too young to remember these things

Or, you know, read a history book to see something like this happen.

but you can look them up) or the Iran Contra scancal.

A great scandal it was. Say, Mr. History, are you familiar with the Monroe Doctrine?

Some of the figures manipulating our current foreign policy


played large roles in his administration.

You mean like pulling the plug on Marcos?

His great contribution was in helping to revive the republican party,

Preach it, brother.

and in fooling people into responding to emotional words, like patiotism, rather then considering the facts and circumstances of the issues.

Or spell check, for example.

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