Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Brentaur Kerfuffle

The Radical Right is also a hotbed of Anti-Semitism.

That means you. Keep reading.

Yet, it exists in a different form.

An insidious one - you see, the evil Republicans appoint Jews to top positions in the National Security infrastructure...

For the past two decades, prominent neo-nazis were foremost Republicans.

Start with Richard Perle. Or Mssr. Feith.
(See Pat Buchanan, Jerome Brentaur)

Now we're getting somewhere. Here is one Republican, Pat Buchanan - a man who ran for President twice and lost. Alot like Ralph Nader in terms of being rigorously pro-Israel ...

But who is Jerome Brentaur? A google for Jerome Brentaur returns one hit: you. Now, Jerome Brentar is something different.

The first article on him describes him as a social worker. In 1994 he ran for Representative in the 19th district in Ohio.

Flatly, Dan, how is he a Republican?

Sure, they may be for Israel now, but only until they DESTROY us for the apocolypse.

I see. Are you predicting Jimmy Carter II winning in November?

It's apocalypse, too...

And now, a new wave of pure anti-Semitism is sweeping the Christian strongholds in America. What is this all about?

If you haven't heard of the synagogue burnings yet, just wait...

"The Passion" Plain and simple. here's why:
1) THE PASSION DOES NOT ENVOKE ANTI-SEMETIC FEELINGS- No it doesn't. Okay. So some big-nozed, tallis wearing guy likes the fact that Jesus is dying. Not many people will get it anyway. The movie itself is not the problem.

I thought you said the movie was the plain and simple reason why anti-Semitism is the new fad...

2)MEL GIBSON'S FATHER- Before the move came out, Mel's father (an outright ant-Semite, and holocaust denier) said, plain and simple, that this movie serves one purpose, "to place blame for the killing of
Jesus Christ back on the Jews".

Hokay, I get it - it was the Unitarians who killed Christ.

So what? If it wasn't the Jews who fufilled prophecy, it would have been the Romans or the Bedouin. It didn't matter that the Jews did it - it just mattered that it happened.

Whether his statement was, in fact, correct, doesn't matter.


Immediately, the Anti-Semitism radars went off. Bells started clanging in the Jewish community.

Yes they did. Look how worthwhile it was. This is JDL style paranoia here...

I personally heard about this movie while I was in Israel. For the past YEAR, Jews have been ranting about how anti-Semitic the movie will be, etc.

Before it was done filming or editing. Don't rush to judgment here folks!

3) THE POPE- is rumored to have said, after a private viewing, "It is as it was."

You mean it followed the plot laid out in the Bible? Did you expect the Romans to sing "Kumbaya" at the end?

4) OPENING NIGHT- Outside theaters are Jews, waving their signs, protesting the movie. Rumors are spreading that Mel Gibson "toned the anti-Semitism down", fueling the flames.


5) IN THE EYES OF THE AVERAGE CHRISTIAN- "The JEWS are protesting the word of GOD." My best friend's father, a Christian, is the one who said this to me, when we were discussing the movie. It is how I realized exactly how this movie has become an instrument of Anti-Semitism, intentional or not.

Because this is abject insanity.

Just change "My best friend's father, a Christian" to "a negro" or something like that. You see the same effect.

This is no theory. It IS as it WAS, if I may steal someone's line. Whether the movie is Anti-Semitic or not, I don't care, the damage is done. In the end, the Nazi-meter has gone up a tick.

That refers to the plot. Not the protesting of Jews to the movie, which is really bizarre. Do Christians protest when Jews direct films? Absolutely not - we'd be back to the Dark Ages!

I get flack for being a progressive. people say, "liberals are anti-semites".

Why do you say that?

Everyone needs to open their eyes. Take a look around. Anti-Semitism transcends party lines.

Then pick the lesser of two evils. Vote George W Bush in 2004.

It is no party issue. Most Jews vote Democrat, Every Jewish senator and representative is a Democrat, and there are also Jewish factions of the Neoconservatives.


Jew hatred has been around thousands of years before either the Republican or Democratic Party, and it will exist as long as the barriers of ignorance and hatred still exist.

Here's to Krystallnacht 2007.

Something about ignorance...

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