Thursday, June 17, 2004

The body is cold.

A Comment on Reagan
Or rather, several.

First of all, while Reagan's death is a tragedy, he's been close to dead for years now.

Good thing you didn't have your way with him the way you tried with Terri Schiavo.

The country had already accepted that Reagan was gone, and the mourning for someone who's already been gone for years is not the mourning for someone who was vibrantly alive into their deaths.
And saying this is not insulting Reagan, and not saying people didn't like him, but simply stating the truth.


Secondly, I find it interesting that Ronald Reagan Jr., Reagan's son, hates W with a passion. Or, as he says, "My father crapped bigger ones than George Bush."

So he supports Kerry?

Hello? Is this thing on?

I can't imagine Nancy's a big fan, either, at least based on Bush's position on stem cell research (I've always wondered: why aren't all the anti-stem cell research people also anti-in vitro? After all, it also results in plenty of wasted zygotes, humans in their terms).

Bush's position is the compromise between willy nilly and no research at all. What was Clinton's position?

Thirdly, to all the people who can't stop writing Reagan hagiographies: remember Iran contra? Where he was selling weapons to the Iranians to fund guerillas in Nicaragua? Yes, those Iranians. But it's alright, because the Iranians having weapons stopped the Iraqis from becoming too powerful with their weapons. Which, um, Reagan gave them, too (Picture of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Hussein, anyone?). The Reagan presidency was not all sunshine and happiness. In fact, it was far from perfect.

So...he balanced two dictators off each other. Why is that bad? Isn't that what FDR did to Hitler and Stalin and Nixon to Mao and Brezhnev? I think that's a good thing.

Another thing - are you sure the weapons worked?

But for a balanced view on some of Reagan's policies, and a comparison of his to those of our current President (how are you going to pay for that tax cut? with another, bigger tax cut!), read Paul Krugman's excellent article.

Which has been debunked already.

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