Thursday, May 20, 2004

In the name of the Father...

The Catholic Church

Finally, some Democrats show some courage on this issue.

By courage, he means defiance of Canon Law. It's OK, though, he is a nonbeliever. Ignorant of the Catholic tradition, he will now astound us with the knowledge of the Vicar of Rome!

It's ridiculous that the Church is getting into politics,

It's ridiculous that anyone who believes in God votes.

and ridiculous that they're trying to hurt Democrats but not Republicans.

Generally, Republicans aren't pro-killing babies. I could be wrong, but I think even John McCain doesn't want to kill babies. Something about believing in a God...

A number of other blogs

An integer...

have commented on the fact that every pro-choice politician who had his Catholicism questioned was a Democrat,

Historically, the Catholic vote has been pro-Democrat. Are you flaunting your ignorance or are you utterly unable to learn from what Ms. McMillen said?

while people like Pataki and Giuliani got away scot-free.

Republicans: Objectively anti-baby murder.

I'm not sure why the Church has taken this swing to the right,

This sudden lurch...starting with Pope John Paul II's election to the Papacy. It's OK, as a nonbeliever I doubt you understand anything relating to the Church.

although I know they would gain in some ways from Bush's reelection (see: School vouchers).

If it's a Conspiracy, you know it's a Vast Right Wing one.

It's ridiculous for the Church to expect legislators to vote based on religious values.

It is ridiculous for Catholics to be Catholic. Don't they know that we should try to judge the original intent of Christ and revise what was written to fit modern times?

Have they forgotten about the separation of Church and State, or are they merely trying to break it?

Give onto Caesar what is Caesar's, but give to God...well, nothing. Infidel.

But really, I'm worried for the Church.

He's very concerned. Can't you tell?

Well, no, I'm not,

Well, that was a flipflop.

because I wouldn't care much if they were nearly completely destroyed

Focus on the destruction part. The world's largest religion must fall for the Democrats to be happy. Remember that on Election Day, all 62 million Catholics in America. Vote!

from within because of this,

Whatever it takes for someone like you, no?

but I think they are putting themselves in danger.

Thank you, non-believer. When Jesus started out with a handful of men and State Persecution, were you echoing the same predictions of dire straits?

There may come a point when legislators, and voters, feel they have to make a choice between their political beliefs and their Catholicism,

Insert any religion there. Or any individual belief. Why not put "freedom" there, because that is what you are arguing...that their religious freedom is posing a threat to your extremist agenda.

and I suspect most will choose the former.

We know how accurate your predictions are.

After all, there are plenty of other churches that cater to ex-Catholics, but no other political parties for "Catholic Democrats".

Welcome to the Republican Party.

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