Monday, May 10, 2004

I'll take ignorant buffonery for 20, Alex.

Comments italicized.

Anonymous said...
"A man asked me in Kentucky the other night what is the most fundamental reason he should vote for President Bush and I said, because your freedom depends on it.

(See US Patriot Act) (See Partial Birth Abortion Ban) (See Proposed Constitutional ban of Homosexual marriage)

"I truly believe we are living in an historic time and are involved in a war between civilization and chaos."

When's Jesus gonna show up?

Now, is the poster arguing that Jesus will stop the chaos...or is the poster arguing that only Jesus can save the world from this clash of "civilizations." I'd argue that this is general buffonery and anyone can see the difference between the Taliban and Parliamentary Democracy.

"Our next President must be committed to pursuing policies to win this war and defeat the forces of terror."

Forces of terror, like the Abu Ghraib prison?

I'm noticing a slight fixation, but he has a point. We must stop our support for the forces of terror

"Pardon me for seeing things in black and white, but this War on Terror is a war between good and evil, between freedom and oppression, between "civilization and chaos."

Pardon me for looking at pictures of Dogs attacking a naked Iraqi.
Your excused.
Is that right? Just because their civilization is backwards doesnt mean we need to be just as evil.
See Jackson, Andrew: Trail of Tears.
See Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Firebombing of Dresden, turning back Jews from US waters.
See Truman, Harry S.: Nuclear Attacks on Hiroshima, Nagasaki
See Kennedy, John F.: Bay of Pigs   
See Johnson, Lyndon Bates: Firebombing of Vietnam.
See Carter, Jimmy: Mayaguez Incident
See Clinton, William Jefferson: Bombing of al-Shifa Aspirin Manufacturing Plant

Did I get everyone? Good.
"President Bush has and will continue to wage this war the right way,"

More photos and videos to come... Sounds like bin Laden...

"whereas Kerry (like Clinton before him in Mogadishu) will wimp out and give the terrorists our head on a silver platter."

I think Clinton gave his head to monica lewinsky.

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