Sunday, May 23, 2004

And of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

More about the Church

Some might suggest that the reason Democrats are being cracked down upon is that they are the most pro-choice party,

Yes, in a two party system if the Republicans disapprove of killing babies, the Democrats would logically stand to be in favor of killing babies. Please, continue.

Notice the use of the weasel word "some." This could be any number from 1 to, oh, I don't know, the 62 million Catholics in this country. Count the weasel words where you spot them.

regardless of the feelings of individual members of either party.

That there are virtually no pro-life Democrats left standing, that they are sidelined from positions of leadership would allow people to draw their own conclusions about "feelings" of individuals. Funny how he's using the example of a few to justify that the Democrats stand for the murder of infants.

However, I'd like to point out a couple of other issues the Catholic Church has equally strong feelings on,

Please, continue, apostate.

where they agree with the Democrats much more than the Republicans, and no Church officials are pointing this out. The death penalty is the best example, and the war on Iraq is a weaker, but still relevant, one.

Actually, both are incorrect. On the Death Penalty, the Church says:
Preserving the common good of society requires rendering the aggressor unable to inflict harm. For this reason, the traditional teaching of the Church has acknowledged as well-founded the right and duty of legitimate public authority to punish malefactors by means of penalties commensurate with the gravity of the crime, not excluding, in cases of extreme gravity, the death penalty.
If bloodless means are sufficient to defend human lives against an aggressor and to protect public order and the safety of persons, public authority should limit itself to such means.
Catechism 2266-67   

And on Iraq, the Pope did not sit ex cathedra, or in his Chair (for laymen) when opposing the Iraq War. It's OK, though, because you do not (a) believe in God or (b) understand the Catholic faith. Nevertheless, your efforts to seem like you do understand are, I am sure, very humiliating and embarassing -- that is, if you had any scruples to try and presume some degree of sympathy towards those who have religious beliefs.

Also, some people

#2 for those people counting.

would suggest that any but the most liberal religion


and liberal political beliefs are, by nature, incompatible.

Who would argue this? Seriously, are there any theological scholars that you cite or are you just pulling this strawman from your arse?

Au contraire.

How haughty of you. Couldn't you have used Latin (which you are fluent in) to make your point?

Most religions,


including Catholicism, accept and endorse free will doctrine,

Endorsement of liberty is not the same as support of license. You should know the difference.

and also have no intention of trying to damage separation of church and state in America.

Remember: If it's a conspiracy, you know it's a Vast Right Wing one.

Just because you

The leadership of 62 million Catholics in America, who, apparently, are also the Party of Cheaters...

disapprove of abortion morally and religiously

False dichotomy to assuage him -- he doesn't believe in a God, but as you can see from his unstinting support of baby murders, he is a moral man!

does not mean you need to feel conflicted if you also believe it should be legal.

Doesn't that sound like a psychologist would say it? What did Freud say about religion and delusion? Are you trying to hint at something, Comrade Teddy?

The Catholic Church is trying to force a choice where none is needed,

This comes from the Vicar of Rome himself! He has spoken from the Chair -- there is no need for debate or discourse in society, especially over the matter of killing babies. It has been decided!

and, if they continue, some people will surely choose to leave the Church. It's already started.
#4, concurrently this is a free society - much to the consternation of Teddy. He can leave the Church. I hope he can reconcile such a decision with God. Teddy does not need to worry about that because he believes that God does not exist and such moral standards as believing in a God are capricious and arbitrary.

Also, I want to clarify my feelings about the Church in general.

Why? Your flipflop was perfectly clear. You were for the Church before you were against it.

They do some ill,

So does vaccines and electricity. Watch the hands. Oh, and that's weasel word #5.

they do a lot of good.

Thank you for your opinion, apostate.

I wouldn't be terribly upset if they lost most of their power,

What would upset you?

but it's not something I'm actively wishing for,

See his previous post for his active wishing. This is his second flipflop.

and I wouldn't be especially pleased, either.

"But really, I'm worried for the Church. Well, no, I'm not, because I wouldn't care much if they were nearly completely destroyed..."

What more does he really need to say?

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